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Defying limits and reshaping the future of science,
 explore the extraordinary Today.

Defying limits and reshaping the future of science, explore the extraordinary Today.

We are Innovators

"Explore the Latest in Equipment, Testing Kits, Reagents, and More for Cutting-Edge Research, Molecular Testing, and Extraction."


We offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality lyophilized reagents that have been rigorously tested for optimal performance. Our products are created to meet the demands of even the highest throughput laboratory and deliver reliable results consistently.


We offer a full line of laboratory consumables at a competitive price. Our consumables are made with technicians and profit margins in mind. "Our number one selling consumble, Rapid Xtract, is a breakthrough innovation changing the molecular extraction field".


Rapid Xtract stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a patent-pending solution that completely transforms  specimen collection and nucleic acid extraction. The Rapid Mag instrument can complete the nucleic acid extraction of 1-32 samples within 10-20 minutes.

 Lyophilized Panels

We offer panels designed for convenient and efficient microbial testing.


Simplify your lab work with ease. Experience effortless sample testing with our panels.


Save time with our pre-plated panels—just few minutes of hands-on technician time needed. 


Quick Solutions for Streamlined Workflows and Reduced Contamination Risks.

Extraction Solution

Our dispensing systems are designed for accuracy and efficiency, ensuring precise handling of reagents and samples.

Rapid X Tract

The Fastest Extraction kit on the market, meet the game changer. Simplify your workflow by assembling all necessary components for your experiments into convenient kits.

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"See precision in action and efficiency in motion as our panels simplify your lab work. Experience the future of microbial testing with Nova Scientifix."

25 years

Of Molecular Expertise


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Excellence in  RT PCR Products

About Nova Scientifix

Nova Scientifix is a company that specializes in creating customized molecular diagnostic assays to meet specific needs. They offer a range of services, including primer and probe design, assay development, validation strategies, and lyophilization expertise.



Disclaimer: Research Use Only Not for Diagnostics Use"

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